Information for members

A member is a health professional such as a GP, specialist or practice staff. A health professional must be associated to a provider to become a member. This is considered to be their primary provider. A member can also be linked to other provider on the service. This is known as an associate member*. This is used when a Provider establishes an event that is only open to their members or associate members thus the need for joint membership.

If you belong to one or more of the listed providers it is very likely you are already a member on the system and can log on. For instructions on how to log on click here

If you are unable to logon contact your primary provider via the new user application form.

Who would be my primary provider?

Health Professional

Primary Provider

GP Your local Division
Practice Staff & non AAPM member Your local Division
AMA members and non GP AMA state office
AAPM Members AAPM state office
Divisional or RWA Staff Your Office

* the meaning of 'associate member' is a specific term within In reality you may be a full member of an organization but be listed as an 'associate member' within