Having trouble logging on?

If you are a GP

Your username and password is your QA number. If this doesn't work or you don't have a QA number, your username and password is your initial and surname i.e jbloggs

If you have logged in previously and forgotten your password please contact your local Division Via Request Username & Password or phone

If you are an AMA member but NOT a GP

Your username and your password is your ama membership number prefixed by the letters 'ama' i.e. ama435343

If you are Practice or Division staff

Practice staff may not automatically exist as a member on the system, you will need to apply for access via the Request Username & Password option on the opening page. If you already have an account your username is you're initial and surname i.e. jbloggs. Your password will be your username unless you have changed it.

If you are an AAPM member

Your username and password is your aapm membership no

Still can't log in?

a.) Ring your primary provider e.g your Division

b.) Email your Provider via Request Username & Password